The MAXITY H2-The First French Utility 100% Electric-Hydrogen
The MAXITY H2-The First French Utility 100% Electric-Hydrogen
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, May 18, 2017

In February 2015 GreenGT Technologies, a French subsidiary of the Swiss group GreenGT, installed a fuel cell that supplied an electric-hydrogen engine in a utility vehicle of the French Post in Dole in the Jura department.

The truck (called Maxity H2) was put into service for one year and served as a test in France for electric-hydrogen propulsion using GreenGT’s knowledge. The vehicle, equipped with a 20 kW fuel cell and a Li-ion battery that powered the engine, had a range of about 200 kilometres and its battery could be recharged in 6 hours. The fuel cell installed in the Maxity made it possible to heat the passenger compartment thanks to the heat released to avoid using the energy of the battery thus preserving the autonomy of the vehicle.

Commissioned in February 2015, a year later the truck had covered 10 000 km in 150 days.

This conclusive test of the fuel cell installed by GreenGT in the utility vehicle proved that the electric-hydrogen alternative not only gives a much higher level of efficiency than electricity and total cleanliness, but is also applicable to many places requiring high-power motors.