The Scottish Cities Alliance:Building the Hydrogen economy in Scotland
The Scottish Cities Alliance:Building the Hydrogen economy in Scotland
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Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project

The Alliance wants to position itself as one of Europe's leading early adopters of Hydrogen technology. As part of a wider strategy on "Building the Hydrogen Economy in Scotland" it has participated in phase 1 of a European wide project for the commercialisation of Hydrogen transport technologies.

The £19 million project deploys ten fuel cell buses on operational routes throughout the City. These buses emit only water vapour, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, as well as being quieter to run. The project is part-funded by Europe under the FP7 innovation funding as well as contributions from uK Government, Scottish Government, Innovate UK, SSE, SGN, Scottish Enterprise, First, Stagecoach and Aberdeen City Council.

To fuel the vehicles a state of the art hydrogen production and re-fuelling station has been built producing high purity, low carbon hydrogen onsite via electrolysis. Using an electrolyser means hydrogen can be produced from electricity and water, onsite with no local emissions.

The next phase will look to produce the electricity from renewable sources (making the entire process ultra-low emissions), but to start with grid electricity on a green tariff will be used. The refuelling station, provided by BOC Linde Group, is situated at Aberdeen City Council’s Kittybrewster depot. A hydrogen safe maintenance area is being integrated onsite, which will allow the buses to be serviced, maintained and refuelled on the same site.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

  • Ten low floor, 13m fuel cell hybrid (hydrogen fuel cell and battery) buses, made by van Hool
  • Buses operated by both First Group and Stagecoach
  • Ballard 150 kilowatt FCvelocity®-HD6 fuel cell module - warrantied 15,000 hours
  • Siemens electric motors
  • Regenerative breaking system
  • 10 hydrogen tanks containing a total of 40kg pure electrolytic hydrogen (gas) at 350bar.
  • Range of up to 260miles (350km) under typical urban transit cycle and loads.

Hydrogen Refuelling Station

  • Hydrogen generated onsite by three electrolysers capable of producing 360kg of hydrogen per day
  • Will meet the demands of the 10 buses
  • Ability to refuel in 10 minutes.