The World’s 1st Hydrogen Scooter Comes From Arnhem

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Arnhem — The Arnhem company ‘Everything about hydrogen’ has a world first: the first hydrogen scooter. The aim of the project is to demonstrate that all battery-powered electric vehicles can run on hydrogen fuel. With the scooter ‘Everything about hydrogen “wants the audience to experience how a hydrogen vehicle drives. And as a kit, students can gain knowledge on the hydrogen technology.

“Everything about hydrogen” has a world-first with the first electric scooter that’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Wiebe minister was impressed by the technology and that hydrogen can be used even on a small mobile devices as a means of transport. This makes it easy for everyone to experience how a hydrogen vehicle drives.

Developed together with HAN
The hydrogenation scooter was developed together with the University of Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN). An existing electric scooter was used as the base. A “hydrogen Range Extender ” has been added on the scooter so that the scooter can run on hydrogen. This not only increases the range but also shows that all battery-powered electric vehicles could run on hydrogen useful.

Frank Mietes of  “Everything about hydrogen,” says: “It is very nice to develop this scooter together with students from HAN. We can not wait to introduce the public to our hydrogen scooter so that everyone can experience how a hydrogen vehicle drives.

Minister Wiebe
Wiebe’s Minister recently paid a company visit and overexpressed his admiration for the hydrogen scooter. He endorsed the Importance of collaboration between businesses and schools to further improve the knowledge and experience of hydrogen.

Available for schools and events
In the future, the need for employees who understand hydrogen technology will only increase, therefore schools are already working on how to train their students and staff in this field.

In the future, the hydrogen scooter will be made available as a kit for universities of applied sciences and ROCs, so that hydrogen knowledge can be gained.

The scooter will be seen at various hydrogen events and visitors can take their first hydrogen ride.

The project was made possible in part by NL East. This is the development company of the Eastern Netherlands.



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