Thursday Throwback Story: First Hydrogen Filling Station in Amsterdam Port Opened

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Fuel Cells Works, Thursday Throwback Story: First Hydrogen Filling Station in Amsterdam Port Opened

The first hydrogen filling station in the port of Amsterdam is open today. The OrangeGas gas station is located on the Australhavenweg, along the A5 and is open 24/7. This is another step towards a hydrogen economy.

Only clean fuels are offered at the location on the Australasiahavenweg. In addition to hydrogen, bio-CNG (green gas), electricity and liquid CO2 will also be added later on, as well as HVO100 and LBG. HVO100 is a synthetic fuel that is made 100% from residual materials from vegetable oils and fats. LBG is Liquefied Bio Gas, or liquid biogas.

Joyce van Os de Man, Benelux director at OrangeGas: ‘It is incredibly cool that the hydrogen station in Amsterdam is now open. Other clean fuels are also offered at this filling station. With this station we fit in perfectly with Amsterdam’s zero-emissions policy.’

The municipality of Amsterdam is one of the customers of the hydrogen filling station. Together with seven other port companies, they have the ambition to drive 20 vehicles on hydrogen within two years. There are also taxis, but also private individuals that already run on hydrogen. There is a lot of interest from the transport and construction world in switching to hydrogen trucks. Soon more hydrogen stations will follow in the port of Amsterdam.

Port of Amsterdam will focus on hydrogen in the coming years. In addition to sustainable energy sources such as sun and wind energy, for a climate-neutral society in 2050, we need bio and synthetic fuels, as well as hydrogen. This hydrogen station is one of the many initiatives in which Port of Amsterdam plays a role by facilitating and/or investing. Driving on hydrogen is emission-free. Hydrogen is not a fuel but an energy carrier. The cars refuel hydrogen, which is converted into electrical energy in the vehicle by a fuel cell.


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