Thursday Throwback Story: Sweden’s First Hydrogen Garbage Truck

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Fuel cells works, First Hydrogen Garbage Truck Deploys in Sweden With Powercell Fuel Cell Technology

Sweden’s first-ever hydrogen-powered refuse collection truck is now rolling through the streets of Gothenburg.

Sweden’s first hydrogen-powered refuse truck has recently started work on the streets of the country’s second largest city, Gothenburg. The business of garbage collection has just become cleaner.

Better for city air and noise quality

The truck, which will pick up recycled materials from city businesses, is better for city air and noise quality and driver comfort because it’s completely silent and only emits clean water, the sole by-product of hydrogen fuel cell technology. In fact, the propulsion, loading and compaction of the waste all take place with the electricity which is produced in the fuel cells. The heat generated is then used to heat the cab.

The innovative new vehicle is the result of 18 months of development by a consortium consisting of Scania, truck bodybuilder JOAB, fuel cell developer Powercell Sweden and the waste and recycling company Renova, which is owned by ten municipalities in western Sweden.


The initiative is supported financially by a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is also engaged in the project working with data collection and analysis for comparison with other alternative drivelines and vehicle fuels.

“The hydrogen truck is another step for us and our customers towards sustainable recycling and waste management,” says Anders Åström, Renova’s CEO.

A welcome addition to the fight for cleaner transport

The Gothenburg project is also further proof of Scania’s commitment to driving the shift towards sustainable transport – on several different technological fronts. Scania sees hydrogen fuel cell technology as a complement to battery-electric vehicles and the hydrogen garbage truck in Gothenburg is a welcome addition to the fight for cleaner transport.

“It shows once again how important the work with sustainability is, but also the importance of working in groups; that we do it together with partners,” says Joar Turesson, Product Marketing Manager at Scania Sweden.

“Now it will be interesting to follow the vehicle at the sharp end, as it operates in Gothenburg and the surrounding area.”


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