Toyota Chile Sets to Pioneer Green Hydrogen Production Facility

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Toyota Chile has recently disclosed plans to construct a green hydrogen production plant in Pudahuel, Chile, further underscoring its commitment to sustainable technology advancement. Expected to be fully operational by year-end, the facility aims to foster the development of hydrogen production technology, primarily for the recharging of Toyota’s Mirai vehicles already available in the Chilean market.

For years, Toyota has spearheaded electromobility, beginning with the launch of hybrid vehicles in 2007 and now paving the way for hydrogen-powered electric motor technology through the Mirai model. The Mirai offers numerous benefits, including fast charging within 10 minutes, a range of 650 kilometers, and zero emissions, as it only releases water vapor into the environment. Through the green hydrogen plant, Toyota seeks to bolster understanding of this groundbreaking technology while simultaneously building the necessary charging infrastructure and nurturing the growth of hydrogen energy in Chile.

Inspired by successful hydrogen initiatives globally, Toyota Chile aspires to replicate such projects locally. For instance, Paris operates 600 hydrogen-powered taxis at two airports, and Madrid has integrated 10 Cabify vehicles running on the Toyota Mirai. Meanwhile, in Canada, the Mirai is available for rental through Toyota’s Kinto Share car-sharing application. Through similar initiatives in Chile, Toyota anticipates propelling hydrogen adoption as a fuel source and stimulating innovation within the country.

With grand aspirations for Chile, Toyota envisions the nation as a green hydrogen hub in the near future. Keen to explore diverse applications and innovations that can leverage this sustainable resource’s full potential, the company‚Äôs investment in a green hydrogen production plant and the promotion of hydrogen use in Mirai vehicles signify a substantial step towards a sustainable and decarbonized transportation sector in Chile.


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