Toyota Dealership GLÜCKAUF Receives Three Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Mirai Sedans

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March 7, 2019 |

Gluckauf Dealership Receives 3 New Fuel Cell Mirais
  • Fleet now grows to four fuel cell sedans 
  • Hydrogen drive without CO 2 and no polluting emissions
  • Handover at the Toyota dealership GLÜCKAUF in Gelsenkirchen

Three Toyota Mirai expand alternative mobility offer for Dealership

Gluckauf Dealership Receives 3 New Fuel Cell Mirais 2Cologne– In a handover ceremony at the GLÜCKAUF Toyota Dealership in Gelsenkirchen, the three new fuel cell Mirai sedans will join the other Mirai sedan to grow the service fleet to four Mirai fuel cell powered sedans.

In the presence of his wife Dietlinde Endres-Stüben, headmaster of the Vestische Guild of the automotive industry in the district of Recklinghausen and in Gelsenkirchen and owner of the dealership GLÜCKAUF, Michael Endres received the additional vehicles in Gelsenkirchen in mid-February.

The quartet becomes unique

The mobility service of the car dealership GLÜCKAUF expands its fleet and is now owner of four Toyota Mirai (Fuel consumption combined with hydrogen 0.76 kg / 100 km, combined power consumption 0 kWh / 100 km, combined CO2 emissions 0 g / km) in the Ruhr area. Thus, the alternative mobility offer continues to expand its pioneering role.

Whether as a rental car for the eco-friendly excursion into the countryside or as a replacement vehicle during the garage service appointment, the three additional fuel cell sedans will drive even more customers emission-free and almost silently.

The hydrogen is converted into electrical energy in the fuel cell, which drives the 113 kW / 154 hp electric motor. The only emission produced is water vapor – no carbon dioxide CO2 and no nitrogen oxides NOX.

“After testing our first Toyota Mirai for several months, expanding the fleet was the logical step. In addition to the high level of environmental friendliness, the alternative drive technology not only offers unrestricted everyday practicality, but also the highest level of ride comfort due to the low noise level. That depends on the customer, “explains Michael Endres, founder of the alternative mobility service.


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