Toyota, Enagás and Urbaser to Launch First Hydrogen Refueling Station in Spain

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Toyota Spain, Enagás, with its subsidiary Enagás Emprende, and Urbaser recently signed an agreement to jointly launch what will be the first hydrogen refueling station in Spain capable of servicing cars . An inauguration to be completed with the launch of a fleet of 12 Toyota Mirai units that will be based in Madrid.

Toyota Mirai that as we remember has a system consisting of a 114 kW (155 hp) electric motor that feeds on a fuel cell capable of providing up to 502 kilometers of autonomy according to the EPA cycle thanks to its tanks capable of storing up to 5 kilos of hydrogen, which can be refilled in just 5 minutes.

According to Toyota, this commitment is based on the potential of hydrogen as a new energy vector , capable of offering countless possibilities for consumption, storage and mobility. An alternative that qualify as real, clean and sustainable, and an alternative to traditional energy sources enabling mobility without emissions.

The agreement has been signed by Marcelino Oreja (CEO of Enagás), Fernando Impuesto (General Director of Enagás Emprende), José María López Piñol (CEO of Urbaser) and Miguel Carsi, President and CEO of Toyota Spain, and will involve the launch of a hydrogen refueling station that will be located at the San Antonio SL Service Station, located at 34 Manoteras Avenue in Madrid.

For Miguel Carsi, President and CEO of Toyota, “Toyota is a brand committed to the environment and transport decarbonization. In this objective, hydrogen plays a fundamental role in sustainable mobility due to its zero carbon footprint. It is an inexhaustible resource, it can be produced sustainably and easily transported. The Toyota Mirai, the first hydrogen vehicle produced in series, circulates in several European countries since 2015. With this project we break the existing barriers for its commercialization in Spain and lay the basis for the development of hydrogen as a key energy vector in the future of our country”.

According to Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, “the company is a tractor unit through various projects to develop non-electric renewable energies, such as hydrogen and biomethane, as new solutions in the process of ecological transition and in promoting a circular economy. ” On this pioneering initiative in Spain, he emphasizes that “the companies that promote it are committed to the new sustainable transport alternatives to improve air quality.”

For José María López Piñol, CEO of Urbaser, “in Urbaser, specialized in urban services and waste treatment, we seek to improve the living conditions of citizens and future generations, guaranteeing their access to basic natural resources and minimizing the impact Environmental of human progress. Therefore, we are delighted to be part of an initiative like this, which responds to our commitment to sustainability and to which we hope to join more companies and institutions in order to contribute, together, to the protection of the environment. ”


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