Toyota Forecasts No More Diesel Cars on the Road by 2050
Toyota Forecasts No More Diesel Cars on the Road by 2050
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 20, 2015

While stricter global emissions standards are forcing carmakers to augment their lineups with zero-emission vehicles, it will likely be a few time before internal combustion is displaced entirely-if ever.

Toyota has revealed the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050-an initiative that is aiming for 90 per cent cuts in average vehicle Carbon dioxide emissions, and 100 per cent emission cuts from the company’s factories.

But that is apparently just the goal that Toyota is working towards.

These include manufacturing vehicles with “lifetime zero emissions” including the energy used in the production of the materials used in the auto, as well as during the production processes.

Along the way,Toyota is also planning to sell 30,000 fuel cell vehicles and seven million more hybrids by 2020. We can’t imagine how the roads will be like in 2020 if Toyotaachieves its goals.

Four of vehicle manufacturer Toyota’s Mirai hydrogen powered cars will be taken by Transport for London (TfL) to assist with engineering and maintenance work that is carried out between bus stops and tube stations.

The company has shown great enthusiasm for hydrogen fuel cells, and seems to view the technology as a rival for batteries.

Dr Graham Cooley, chief executive officer of ITM Power, said it was an honour for ITMP Power to be the first customer in the United Kingdom to receive a Toyota Mirai.

Earlier this year, Toyota sold its 8 millionth hybrid since 1997-when the first-generation Prius was introduced in Japan.

Meanwhile, the first U.S.-bound 2016 Toyota Mirai sedans are expected to be delivered to customers in California before the end of this month. Tesla founder Elon Musk has criticised hydrogen technology in the past, saying that the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are tough.

Toyota is a direct customer for the fuel since all Toyota Mirai vehicles will be offered by Toyota with free fuel for the first three years.