Toyota Mirai News: Hydrogen-Powered Car That Emits Water is More Luxurious Than Toyota Prius?
Toyota Mirai News: Hydrogen-Powered Car That Emits Water is More Luxurious Than Toyota Prius?
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 17, 2015

Toyota is taking on Tesla and other automakers as it presented the new Toyota Mirai that goes with the flow of electric cars looking towards a potentially greener future for the environment.

According to the International Business Times U.K., the Mirai gets 152 horsepower on the front wheels as oxygen combines with hydrogen stored in pressurized tanks to produce electricity. The combined elements then powers an electric motor that drives the car forward.

The outlet notes that while the new auto is somehow similar to the Prius, it is bigger and is evident of luxury as it comes with a hefty price: $101,150. On the other hand, the carmaker it will be working on grounds for clients to lower the price by about $7,660, the amount common among electric cars. While there is no discount just yet applied to hydrogen cars, Toyota says it is looking towards providing the discount to customers.

Aside from its hydrogen-powered engine, one thing to note about the Mirai is, unlike other vehicles, it emits nothing but water in a few miles. To keep the car from emitting water on when parked in the garage, a button on the dashboard is made solely for that purpose.

Water is the byproduct of power stored in the battery that gets pushed back to the wheels as energy continues to be produced from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

Another aspect about the Mirai that buyers should consider is it gathers up energy lost during braking, or more commonly called regenerative braking, into a small battery pack installed at the back of the rear seats.

The automaker has said earlier that the Mirai was created to advocate a future that speaks of hydrogen and electricity as the key factors to solve oil shortage issues around the world. With everything electric, including the soft leather seats, consumers are in for a life of luxury on board the Mirai.

Hybrid Cars, notes, however, that with the number of capable car chargers, Toyota may have taken a huge gamble in its choice to pick hydrogen over electricity since not everybody in the energy industry may consider building hydrogen refueling stations where the Mirai can get its source of life.