Toyota Spain Reinforces its Commitment to Sustainable Mobility Becoming a Sponsor Partner of the Spanish Hydrogen Association

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Toyota Sponsorship of Spanhish Hydrogen Association
  • The manufacturer has become a promoter partner of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), as shown by its commitment to sustainable mobility and the promotion of hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • With this agreement, the collaboration between the AeH2 and Toyota will be strengthened in activities of promotion, innovation and development of hydrogen technologies as an energy vector.

Toyota España, partner of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), extends its status to that of promoter partner as a sign of its commitment to sustainable mobility and the promotion of hydrogen as an energy vector. 

In this way, both organizations reinforce their collaboration in the field of innovation, development and use of hydrogen technologies, especially those dedicated to the development of fuel cell electric vehicles.

The Spanish Hydrogen Association, for its part, continues to advance in its objective of promoting the development of hydrogen technologies as a key vector in the energy transition, promoting its use in industrial and commercial applications. Thus, hydrogen becomes a fundamental technology in the development and implementation of new models of sustainable transport, fundamental to move towards the decarbonization of the economy.

In this case, this agreement with Toyota Spain “will promote the promotion and dissemination of the use of vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells, which contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of transport,” as the president of the AeH2, Javier Brey, pointed out. . This gas will be key in the future of Europe to achieve an economy that is more respectful of the environment and free of emissions in the main sectors.

As part of the advantages of becoming a promoter partner of the AeH2, Toyota España will gain exposure with the outstanding diffusion of news, activities and projects of the entity related to the hydrogen sector, special discounts and will have a preferential participation in the presentations and conferences organized for the AeH2, support in the actions of external communication related to hydrogen technologies, as well as punctual support in matters related to the objectives of the Association.

Advantages of hydrogen vehicles or fuel cell

A vehicle powered by hydrogen is itself an electric vehicle that has a storage tank of this gas instead of batteries. Hydrogen is supplied from this tank to the fuel cell to produce electricity as it is required, generating water as the only residue. In addition, the time of refueling of these vehicles is only between 3 and 5 minutes. In this way, the electric vehicle of hydrogen or fuel cell offers a range of more than 500 km, with a refueling time at the level of any other conventional vehicle and the comfort and silence of an electric vehicle.

The Toyota Mirai is the first vehicle with hydrogen fuel cell that was produced in series in the world, marketed in Japan and the United States since late 2014 and 2015, as well as in various countries in Europe such as United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Belgium , Sweden, Norway and Holland. Its launch is planned in Spain for the beginning of 2020.

As Miguel Carsi, president and CEO of Toyota Spain, points out, “this vehicle is the result of Toyota’s research and development work on hydrogen technologies over the course of twenty years”. As a result, the Toyota Mirai achieves a unique environmental performance, no emissions of CO and pollutant emissions throughout their cycle of use, offering autonomy and ride comfort level of any other vehicle.

About AeH2 ( )

The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote the development of hydrogen technologies as an energy vector, and promote their use in industrial and commercial applications. It is an entity that since 2002 promotes both the environmental benefits and the industrial impulse that, in the long term, would derive from the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

The AeH2 is formed by a group of companies, public and private institutions, and people, who share their interest in achieving the main purpose of the association. Among the initiatives promoted by AeH2 is the Spanish Technological Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (PTE HPC), a project supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MEIC).



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