Toyota to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to Tri-State
Toyota to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to Tri-State
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 10, 2016

CDT by Jordan Rowe--

As part of Toyota’s 20th anniversary in Gibson County, a new vehicle will be on display. 

You can find the 2016 Toyota Mirai at community events and the Toyota Visitors Center, through the end of September.  It’s a hydrogen fuel cell electric sedan with an estimated 67 miles per gallon. 

Officials say the vehicle produces electricity for the motor by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell stack, emitting only water vapors.

Right now, the Mirai is only sold in California where hydrogen fuel stations are located.  However, the infrastructure is under development in five northeastern states.

The Mirai will be on display at the following events and locations:

Sunday, Sept. 11               Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science Grandportation Day

Friday, Sept. 16                 Princeton Golden Heritage Days

Saturday, Sept. 17            Kenny Kent Lexus Jazz & Wine Festival, Evansville

Saturday, Sept. 24            Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra opening performance, Victory Theatre

Sept. 19-23                        Toyota Indiana Visitors Center

Sept. 26-30                        Toyota Indiana Visitors Center