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Rüsselsheim am Main / June 02, 2023 – Is this the great opportunity for what belongs together to grow together? This question is being asked by numerous companies from all over the world, who have instantly taken notice following the initial presentation of Archigas’ revolutionary H2 analysis technology. The interest in a particularly precise, stable and at the same time cost-effective hydrogen measurement is obviously enormous across all H2-related industries. Science and early adopters are convinced by the innovative sensor solutions that now combine TCD and MEMS technology in a unique way. And first-time inquirers are granted attractive test conditions: Companies from start-ups to large corporations receive a first sensor unit configured according to individual agreement at a preferential price.PM Archigas Testproducts final

“This makes it easy for interested parties to see the sensor technology for themselves. This is important, because hydrogen measurement does not allow compromises or second-best solutions. We want every company to be able to easily ascertain for themselves the performance and advantages of our novel systems,” emphasize Archigas managing directors Vladimir Barskyi and Illya Kaufman. On the basis of the developed sensors, the company offers gas measuring devices in various designs for, among other things, H2 generation by electrolysis, incoming quality control and testing of gas purity, as well as for controlling and monitoring gas mixtures. In short, the unique sensor technology can be used in almost all places where hydrogen is produced, mixed, distributed, stored and used for energy generation.

The essential feature of this innovation, which has received much attention worldwide, is the combination of two technologies: Archigas has technically reimplemented the proven and precise thermal conductivity measurement principle (TCD sensors) and is producing them on the basis of MEMS technology (semiconductors based on silicon wafers), which in turn enables cost-effective mass production of identical sensors without the need for time-consuming calibration. The uncomplicated handling of the sensors, which are designed according to individual needs. The design of the TCD-OEM modules allows them to be easily integrated into customer systems such as gas chromatographs, synthesis gas plants and others.

“The potential of our systems is far from exhausted. The development of further solutions is progressing continuously, always with regard to the very specific requirements of the hydrogen industry. We are pleased to identify more and more features of this technology with enormous added value for users. We will shortly be presenting the latest results to the public,” the company announces.

The attractive test conditions apply already now and continue to apply when ordering a first sensor unit. Interested companies can obtain these at an attractive preferential price after personal consultation in a version that exactly matches the application. Further information is available by e-mail at [email protected], by telephone at +49 (0)69 247 544 980 and at

About Archigas

Archigas is highly specialised in microsensor technology (MEMS) and gas analysis. Since its foundation in 2020, the company has developed sensor solutions, particularly in the fields of thermal conductivity, pressure measurement and flow measurement. Archigas’s stated aim is to offer customers cost-effective plug and play solutions that reliably fulfil highly complex analysis tasks. Since 2022 the company has also been funded by the state of Hesse as part of its LOEWE programme (‘State Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence’). This is to support work on the development of measuring devices suitable for the exploration of natural hydrogen and helium deposits. Despite international bids from the USA and elsewhere, Archigas GmbH decided to establish its headquarters in the Rhein-Main region, in order to help bolster the state of Hesse, and therefore Germany as a whole, as a location for business.



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