TTSI Teams With IGX To Fuel Heavy Duty Class 8 Hydrogen Trucks

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LONG BEACH, CalifTotal Transportation Services (TTSI) believes Heavy Duty Class 8 Hydrogen Trucks are the future of sustainable transportation and will play a key role in their goal to operate a zero-emission fleet. TTSI is piloting several zero-emission class 8 trucks and developing best practices for their operators, serving their customers, and being stewards to the environment.

Safe, easy, and convenient hydrogen fueling is essential to fleet operation needs during the initial trial period and as they scale. That is where IGX Group H2 fueling solutions comes in with their high-pressure hydrogen on-site refueling services and equipment. IGX’s refuelers and service team make hydrogen refilling on-site a quick, simple, and safe process.

“IGX is fueling hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks and buses today. Hydrogen on-site fueling is available, fast, reliable, and safe. It is a critical component to our supporting our Nation’s developing hydrogen infrastructure,” said DeLisa Leighton, Director of Hydrogen Services at IGX Group.

IGX is currently providing refueling services to TTSI at the Port of Long Beach. They are expanding to other markets as needed to assist TTSI’s goal of expediting the adoption of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell trucks. A few Hydrogen highlights include:

  • ZERO greenhouse gas emissions
  • No noise pollution
  • The power to move loads from high grades to heavy containers
  •  A substantial increase of torque over diesel and natural gas
  • Cheaper operating costs per mile.

About Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI)

TTSI is a leading provider of logistics services with distinct expertise in distributing imports within the US and Canada.  The company is headquartered in Southern California and also has operations in Northern California, Seattle, Chicago, and Virginia.

About IGX
IGX Group is an innovator in next-generation hydrogen technologies and services. IGX is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hydrogen transports and storage systems in the USA. The transports and storage systems range in working pressures from 350bar to 517 bar. IGX H2 Fueling Services is a nationwide specialty, high-pressure bulk hydrogen refueling and delivery program. A recent addition to the suite of offerings is the CDS (compressor dispenser skid) which is designed to be an economical, easy to deploy 350 bar fueling option for pilot programs or small fleets including buses, medium-heavy duty vehicles, forklifts, yard trucks, and maritime vessels.

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