TU Delft Students Set to Work on Hydrogen Powered City Car

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Students of the Eco-Runner Team Delft are working on the most efficient hydrogen-powered city car in the world. 

The ‘Eco-Runner X’, the successor to the ‘Eco-Runner 9’, is the first hydrogen city car built by students of Delft University of Technology. By building this car and promoting hydrogen as part of the energy transition, Eco-Runner Team Delft wants to contribute to a sustainable future . The H2-Platform helps the student team to pay attention to this initiative.

Eco-Runner Team Delft is a multidisciplinary student team from TU Delft and has been supplying the Delft entry to the Shell Eco-marathon for years. Until 2019 they only competed in the Prototype class, where the goal is to cover the greatest possible distance with as little hydrogen as possible. Since last year, however, they participate in the Urban Concept class, with a car that is closer to a ‘real’ city car.

Last year, the Eco-Runner X was built for the first time for the Urban Concept class, which immediately won the Shell Eco-marathon Vehicle Design Award . As an alternative to the canceled SEM 2020 competition due to COVID-19, the team itself organized competitions with other student teams and won the on-track competition with an efficiency of 2,500 km / kg H2 .

Continue to innovate

This year the new Eco-Runner XI team consists of 23 students from Delft University of Technology. With a look at the good performances already delivered last year, the team is aiming for the first place in the SEM Urban Concept class competition this year . That means the team will design, build and race an improved vehicle this year: the Eco-Runner XI . This will drive even more efficiently than the Eco-Runner X by, among other things, implementing a new fuel cell and making a lighter design.

A future in hydrogen

To bring out our vision even more, a new position has been appointed this year, namely scalability. The scalability team is researching the role of hydrogen in the future and aims to inform the public about the Eco-Runner and the future of hydrogen through podcasts, webinars and other interesting events. To promote sustainability and hydrogen as an energy carrier in this way.


Source: H2 Platform.


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