Turkey: New Facility Mixes Hydrogen With Natural Gas to Provide Turkish Households Cleaner Energy

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With a new plant in the central province of Konya, Turkey will mix hydrogen, which is marketed as a renewable, reliable, and safe energy source, with natural gas.

The benefits of blending hydrogen into the natural gas network include energy conservation, resiliency, and carbon reductions.

Hydrogen can be pumped into natural gas pipelines, and the resultant mix can then be used to produce electricity and heat for typical natural gas end-users.

The plant, which will be a first for Turkey, will offer cleaner energy to Turkish households.

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Dönmez said said hydrogen would be injected into natural gas at a certain rate, thus boosting its performance.

In the medium term, the latest source of renewable energy will be distributed across Turkey, according to the minister.

With a length of about 156,000 kilometres, Turkey has Europe’s sixth largest natural gas distribution network (96,900 miles). Natural gas is used in 81 different provinces. The current natural gas network benefits 82 percent of the population.


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