Turkey’s Tupras Becomes a Member of Hydrogen Europe

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Fuel Cells Works, Turkey’s Tupras Becomes a Member of Hydrogen Europe

In its new course and in Line with its Strategic Transformation Plan and 2050 Carbon Neutral Target Tupras announces that it has now become a member of Hydrogen Europe.

“Hydrogen Europe”, which was established with the aim of directing Europe-oriented green hydrogen studies and creating consortiums in this field, includes more than 350 industrial organizations from more than 20 countries, including the world’s leading industrial companies, 103 research centers and universities and 30 national associations. Hydrogen Europe is working on the development and application of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell technologies to the fields.

We want to be a flexible player between the EU and Turkey

Tüpraş General Manager Ibrahim Yelmenolu said joining Hydrogen Europe is an essential milestone in the company’s Strategic Transition Plan to lead the clean energy transformation of the Turkish energy industry and become carbon neutral by 2050. “Our transformation plan focuses on new energy.” Zero-carbon energy generating and green hydrogen production are major investments. By 2030, we want 1 GW of zero-carbon power. We’re Turkey’s largest hydrogen producer, and we specialize on green electrolyzer manufacturing. By 2040, we hope to have zero emissions from green hydrogen generation. Starting to sell green hydrogen in logistics and heavy transportation in 2030, operating in different fields in the green hydrogen value chain, the fuel of the future, serving many sectors, especially transportation, evaluating its export potential, it is a versatile player in the position of a bridge between the EU and Turkey. We strive.”

Yelmenolu said: “By joining Hydrogen Europe, we’ll improve our hydrogen communication network and join an ecosystem with the same ambitions in Europe and the world. We may share information across our firm using papers like up-to-date data records and statistics showing the ecosystem’s vitality. With our active membership, we will be a significant component of the value chain by participating early in European-based project collaborations, giving Tüpraş precedence in stakeholder allocation, and sharing our hydrogen experience with other industrial groups. I think Hydrogen Europe will help our company’s ambitions.”

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