U.S. and Korea to Cooperate on Hydrogen Safety

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Fuel Cells Works, U.S. and Korea to Cooperate on Hydrogen Safety

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Korea Gas Safety Corporation and the Hydrogen Safety Center (CHS) in New York, USA, to promote hydrogen safety between the two nations and to prevent hydrogen mishaps.

In an agreement signed between the two organizations, they committed to exchange information about hydrogen safety, including accident statistics and best practices, and to educate and promote the subject.

The parties agreed to jointly hold a workshop, webinar, and workshop in November, while also exchanging best practices for promoting hydrogen safety culture in both countries.

The American Academy of Chemical Engineers’ Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) is a collective for hydrogen safety under the aegis of the academy (AIChE).

In this effort, businesses and customers will be able to trust hydrogen energy, facilities, and systems.

Along with holding conferences, workshops, webinars, and working groups, CHS is also available to provide instructional resources to hydrogen authorities.

It also offers safety consulting services based on the data on hydrogen accidents throughout the world and the knowledge of hydrogen safety panels.

The hydrogen safety panel consists of engineers, scientists, code enforcers, and safety experts.

“Through the agreement between the two organizations, we will promote the stable expansion of the local hydrogen sector and boost worldwide competitiveness,” said Lim Hae-jong, president of Korea Gas Safety Corporation.


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