United Renewable Energy Launches Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooters

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October 24, 2019 |

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In its efforts to launch new energy products, United Renewable Energy announced that it has launched a new hydrogen scooter.

Taiwan has a massive number of motorcycles, which contribute to a high level of particulate matter (PM2.5), and air quality continues to deteriorate.  At the moment, most European countries have announced to phase out fossil fuel vehicles and switch to renewable fuel vehicles. With zero-emission, the hydrogen fuel cell electric scooter is the first choice to reduce air pollution.

URE successfully developed the first hydrogen fuel cell scooter, equivalent to 125cc fossil fuel motorcycle.

The hydrogen fuel cell electric scooter is environmental-friendly and emits only water. Hydrogen fuel cells have a wide range of applications from drones to large transports such as ships or planes. Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides people an alternative for clean energy.

URE said, “The scooter features a maximum speed of 90km/hour and endurance running distance of 110km”


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