Uno-X Opens its first hydrogen station in Bergen
Uno-X Opens its first hydrogen station in Bergen
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 31, 2018
  • At the energy station Uno-X Åsane, which officially opened today, you can think of hydrogen, gasoline or diesel. This is the first station in Bergen that offers hydrogen.
  • Several hydrogen cars on Norwegian roads help to reduce CO2 emissions

In order to reach Norwegian climate targets, we must reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector. A hydrogen car releases only water vapor, and with good comfort, long range and short filling time, the hydrogen cars are as practical as petrol and diesel cars. Over the next few years, hydrogen cars come from most of the major automakers. Until 2025, the hydrogen cars are exempt from one-time tax, VAT and tax. In addition, they can be run in the collective field.

"We want to give the hydrogen car a real chance at Norwegian motorists, so we are building energy stations that offer hydrogen. Today we have opened Uno-X Åsane and when we open Uno-X Søreide in a short period of time, Bergen will have two hydrogen stations. Then we hope that a hydrogen car will be an appropriate alternative for motorists in the Bergens area, "says general manager of Uno-X Norway Ole Johannes Tønnessen.

Great enthusiasm locally

The commitment to hydrogen stations in Bergen is huge and many local actors have been driving. Hordaland County Municipality, Bergen Municipality, Greenstat, Bergen Car Rental and Bergen Taxi have hydrogen cars today and several players have ordered. Uno-X Åsane was officially opened today by county councilor in Hordaland Pål Kårbø, City Council for Climate, Culture and Nutrition Julie Andersland, and Market and Development Director of Enova Øyvind Leistad.

-Hydrogen station in Åsane is the result of a good cooperation between local actors in Western Norway and Uno-X as a national infrastructure developer. That a player like Uno-X is willing to invest in hydrogen stations in Bergen is crucial for this type of project to succeed. The station also marks the start of a hydrogen adventure in land and sea transport, where energy and technology in Western Norway can play a central role, says Greenstat Vegard Frihammer, Green Executive Officer.

-Fylkeskommunen wants many to use the new hydrogen filling station and we have seen funds for a subsidy scheme for the purchase of fuel cell cars for commercial plants in 2018. The target group is taxis and other transport companies. Grants will be bright in spring and are part of the county municipality's continuous work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says county product leader in Hordaland Pål Kårbø.

Now we hopefully have a hydrogen revolution on the stairs, and I hope and think we can become Norway's hydrogen car capital - Bergen is already Norway's sovereign electric car capital. The city council's target is a fossil-free city by 2030, and then work actors like Uno-X for the development of zero-emission vehicles infrastructure are crucial, says Julie Andersland, City Council for Climate, Culture and Nutrition.

"In the long run, we must transport ourselves completely without emissions, and hydrogen can play an important role in achieving goals. Then we need actors like Uno-X who want to build hydrogen stations and get started this market. Now the taxi industry and others in Bergen are able to build experience with the use of hydrogen cars, experiences that can benefit players throughout the country, "says Øyvind Leistad, Development Director at Enova.

Hydrogen Infrastructure in Norway

Good public-private cooperation is important for the development of hydrogen infrastructure in Norway. With the support of Enova, Uno-X will also open two hydrogen stations in Akershus county municipality in 2018.

"We are grateful for Enova's financial support to the stations in Bergen, and look forward to further cooperation with Enova and local authorities when we will establish our next hydrogen stations," concludes UNO-X Norway's chief executive Ole Johannes Tønnessen.