VDMA Joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

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September 15, 2020 |

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance VDMA

The VDMA has been accepted into the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

This European hydrogen alliance, which was set up by the EU Commission just a few weeks ago, is to play a central role in the market ramp-up and the widespread use of climate-neutral hydrogen in Europe.

The founding members are 18 CEOs of leading European industrial companies and 12 representatives from politics and civil society.

Innovative technologies based on hydrogen offer enormous potential to decarbonise branches of industry.

“The VDMA unites the necessary technologies and research networks under its roof to advance hydrogen and the hydrogen economy, from energy generation to process and production technology to application” Hartmut Rauen, deputy VDMA managing director and high-level representative in the Hydrogen Alliance

The VDMA is home to important users of the hydrogen economy with the Fuel Cells Working Group.

The task now is to quickly build a functioning and competitive European hydrogen economy, to help hydrogen make a breakthrough in as many industrial sectors as possible and thus achieve ecological, economic and social success. After all, clean hydrogen not only has the potential to reduce CO 2 emissions enormously and to make a decisive contribution to climate protection. Thanks to its long value chains, the hydrogen economy can also create a large number of new jobs in Europe.

“The cooperation within the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is also our work inspire” Dr. Carola Kantz, deputy managing director and representative of the VDMA working group Power-to-X for Applications in Brussels


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