West Midlands Board Backs £55 Million Investment for New Fleet of 200 Zero-Emission Hydrogen Buses

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September 27, 2021 |

West Midlands Hydrogen Bus

WMCA Board has backed a bid for £55 million investment into a fleet of 200 zero-emission hydrogen buses in collaboration with National Express West Midlands.

Zero-emission bus regional areas (Zebra) made the bid for £55 million, which will top up private bus operator investment in a fleet of 200 hydrogen buses and 24 articulated low-floor buses for the new Sprint route.

Birmingham’s Clean Air Hydrogen Bus Pilot already plans to deliver 20 hydrogen Sprint buses this autumn.

This hydrogen is to be produced and dispensed from Tyseley Energy Park by ITM Power using renewable energy sources.

Professor Steinberger-Wilckens said: “It’s fantastic – finally. We have 20 buses arriving just now which has been a long time coming.

“It’s safe, it’s improving air quality in cities. But we have to keep an eye on where the hydrogen comes from.”


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