World’s first hydrogen racecar beats electric lap record on the Circuit of Zandvoort
World’s first hydrogen racecar beats electric lap record on the Circuit of Zandvoort
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, November 26, 2015

Amsterdam--Students of the University of Technology Delft have broken the electric lap record with the Forze VI which runs on hydrogen. The previous record was set by a Tesla Roadster three years ago. The student team has unofficially beaten the previous record with 5.5 seconds which shows the potential of hydrogen-electric technology.

With the new unofficial lap record standing at 2.05.45 minutes, the student team was able to beat the electric lap record. The official lap record attempt was scheduled for the 16th of November but could not continue due to bad weather and a technical problem. The student team beat the hydrogen lap record of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany earlier this year. The hydrogen lap record was driven by former Formula One driver Jan Lammers. Team Manager Rick Everaert of Forze Hydrogen Racing says: ‘ While it is unfortunate that the attempt could not continue today, we are looking forward to new opportunities and challenges in the upcoming year. With this milestone we are showing the world what this technology can do and hopefully we will inspire people to work with hydrogen-electric technology’.

Hydrogen as racing fuel

The innovation of this hydrogen race car shows the potential of hydrogen as a fuel. Hydrogen can be used as a fuel when a fuel cell is in the car which let the hydrogen react with oxygen. With this reaction the two gasses turn into water and energy. This energy is used to actuate the electric motors.  Erik Kemink, CEO of PitPoint, possible new main sponsor of Forze says: ‘We would like to become the main sponsor of this student team because like Forze, we believe that hydrogen is the future in mobility. This result shows the potential of hydrogen’.

Forze is innovating the hydrogen fuel cell technology since 2007, in the upcoming years they will try to compete with race cars with combustion engines. The goal for this academic year is to win the sports class of the Supercar Challenge on the Gamma Racing Day 2016. For the Supercar challenge a new car will be build, the Forze VII.

About Forze

Forze is the high-tech race team of the University of Technology Delft which tries to innovate hydrogen fuel cell technology. By racing this technology the student team tries to educate the general public about the possibilities of hydrogen. For more information about Forze Hydrogen Racing and their ambitions please contact: Rick Everaert, Team Manager of Formula Zero Team Delft. E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: +31(0)152789880 / Mobile phone: +31(0)6 46414005.