Young Brothers Test Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 11, 2015

Over the next six months, Young Brothers Ltd., a subsidiary of Foss Maritime, will be testing a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered generator as an alternative to conventional diesel generators.

The hydrogen fuel cell generator was recently set up in the Port of Honolulu, Hawaii, at the shipping facility of Young Brothers. The unit is already providing power to refrigerated containers on shore and will soon begin powering the same refrigerated containers on Young Brothers’ barges which distribute goods to Hawaii’s other islands.

The unit is comprised of four 30kW fuel cells, a hydrogen storage system and power-conversion equipment, all packaged in a 20-foot shipping container. With 75kg of onboard hydrogen storage, the generator has enough energy to power 10 refrigerated containers for 20 continuous hours of operation.

The tests of the hydrogen fuel cell generator are part of the Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell project which began in late 2012 with a study that determined hydrogen fuel cells could replace diesel generators in providing auxiliary power onboard and to ships at berth.