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Researchers Fine Tune New Approach to Improve Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

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An international collaboration between researchers in Spain and Scotland has resulted in a new approach to improve the catalysts needed to carry out the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER). The reaction, in which water is transformed into hydrogen and oxygen, is a promising alternative to humanity’s dependency on fossil fuels to satisfy energy requirements.

Argonne Scientists Maximize the Effectiveness of Platinum in Fuel Cells

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By: Jared Sagoff

In the journal Science, Argonne chemists have identified a new catalyst that maximizes the effectiveness of platinum.

Platinum is a precious metal more rare than silver or gold. Renowned in the fuel cell community for its effectiveness in converting hydrogen and oxygen into water and electricity, platinum offers unrivaled activity and stability for electrochemical reactions.

QUT Chemistry Researchers have Discovered Cheaper and more Efficient Materials for Producing Hydrogen

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  • New catalyst material produces abundant cheap hydrogen
  • QUT chemistry researchers have discovered cheaper and more efficient materials for producing hydrogen for the storage of renewable energy that could replace current water-splitting catalysts.

Professor Anthony O’Mullane said the potential for the chemical storage of renewable energy in the form of hydrogen was being investigated around the world.

New Material Cleans and Splits Water into Hydrogen

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Researchers at EPFL’s Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering have developed a photocatalytic system based on a material in the class of metal-organic frameworks. The system can be used to degrade pollutants present in water while simultaneously producing hydrogen that can be captured and used further. Some of the most useful and versatile materials today…