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Researchers Achieve Record Solar Hydrogen Production with Concentrated Sunlight

By | News, Research News | No Comments April 30, 2019

EPFL researchers have created a smart device capable of producing large amounts of clean hydrogen. By concentrating sunlight, their device uses a smaller amount of the rare, costly materials that are required to produce hydrogen, yet it still maintains a high solar-to-fuel efficiency. Their research has been taken to the next scale with a pilot facility installed on the EPFL campus.

Researchers Discover Self-Healing Catalyst for Potential Large-Scale Use in Safe Hydrogen Production and Storage

By | News, Research News | No Comments April 13, 2019

Researchers working within NCCR MARVEL have discovered a self-healing catalyst that can be used to release hydrogen through the hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane. The catalyst, SION-X, is based on the abundant mineral Jacquesdietrichite, is sustainable, air stable and can be easily regenerated, stored and handled.

These characteristics mean that it may offer significant advantages over existing catalysts used in the production of the clean and renewable energy carrier hydrogen. The research has been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Unravelling Inherent Electrocatalysis to Improve the Performance of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

By | News, Research News | No Comments March 29, 2019

A KAIST team presented an ideal electrode design to enhance the performance of high-temperature fuel cells. The new analytical platform with advanced nanoscale patterning method quantitatively revealed the electrochemical value of metal nanoparticles dispersed on the oxide electrode, thus leading to electrode design directions that can be used in a variety of eco-friendly energy technologies.

Queensland Celebrates First Shipment of Green Hydrogen to Japan

By | News, Research News | No Comments March 28, 2019
  • Queensland celebrates the state’s first ever delivery of green hydrogen to Japan
  • As part of the 2018-19 State Budget, $750,000 was allocated to investigate opportunities to produce and supply hydrogen at a competitive price to alternative energy sources

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has taken part in the first production and export of “green hydrogen” derived from water from Australia to Japan in a major step towards the development of a new sustainable fuel export market.

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