Germany: Region Continues to Rely on Hydrogen as Energy Source of the Future

By | News | No Comments August 22, 2019
  • Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region does not receive H2 funding from the EU
  • Region continues to rely fully on hydrogen as the energy source of the future
  • Study highlights great potential for the region

At the beginning of August, the European Union (EU) announced that the funding for the “H2 Valley” project will not go to the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

Blue World Technologies Acquires Part of World-Class Fuel Cell Component Manufacturer Danish Power Systems

By | Investor News, News | No Comments August 22, 2019

To strengthen their market position, Blue World Technologies has acquired 15 per cent of Danish Power Systems, a highly recognised developer and manufacturer of MEA-technology.

The MEA (membrane electrode assembly) is one of the core components in the fuel cell stack, and with a focus on high-efficiency Blue World Technologies is going to utilise the proven technology of Danish Power Systems for their methanol fuel cell systems.

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