HYPOS Partners Work on Safe and Lightweight High Pressure Tanks for Storing and Transporting Green Hydrogen

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Partners from HYPOS want to enable operating pressures of up to 1000 bar

Green hydrogen plays a key role in the energy transition, as it can be the connecting element between the electricity, mobility and industry sectors. For these potentials to unfold, efficient processes for the storage and transport of green hydrogen are necessary. 

Nikola and Bosch Develop Fuel Cell Powertrain for the Nikola Two Truck

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Bosch has worked hand-in-hand with Nikola in helping develop the Nikola powertrain

  • Nikola and Bosch develop fuel cell powertrain for the Nikola Two Alpha– together.
  • Nikola trucks feature Bosch innovations such as Mirror Cam system, Perfectly Keyless and Servotwin steering system.
  • Jason Roycht, vice president and regional business unit leader, Commercial Vehicles & Off-Road for Bosch in North America: “This has been a two-and-a-half year cooperation targeted at implementing advanced technology into a totally new and unique approach to trucking with the highest levels of engineering excellence.”
  • “Bosch has been our innovation partner to help make our vision a reality.” – Trevor Milton, Nikola founder and CEO.

FCW Exclusive: Tokyo Fuel Cell Expo 2019 – 300,000 Ene-Farms

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Matthew Klippenstein (@ElectronComm) reporting for FuelCellsWorks.com.

The 15th annual Fuel Cell Expo — the world’s largest — was held this past February in Tokyo, anchoring the World Smart Energy Week conference. Attendance topped 66,000 over the three-day event, which featured more than 2,500 exhibitors spanning fuel cells, batteries, solar photovoltaics, wind, smart grid, biomass and even thermal (!) power generation.

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