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BayoTech H2Gentec

BayoTech, Inc. announced today that it has formed a new partnership with H2Gen Technical Services.

H2GenTec offers customized solutions and consulting services for the installation and maintenance of onsite hydrogen generators, hydrogen compressors, hydrogen storage containers, hydrogen dispensers, fuel cells, and integrated combinations thereof. 

“H2Gen Technical Services brings over 18 years of experience in the sale, installation, and maintenance of on-site hydrogen generators and hydrogen equipment”, said BayoTech VP of Channel, Jim Targonski. “We’re excited to partner with them to expand BayoTech’s footprint and provide world-class service to our customers.”

About BayoTech

Founded in July 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs and industry executives who set out to revolutionize the chemical reactor industry, BayoTech is the world’s first modular, scalable, and rapidly deployable platform for the production of hydrogen and nitrogen fertilizer for the agricultural and industrial markets. For more information please visit

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