Bosch Fuel Cell Wins Award

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Bosch Fuel Cell Wins Award

Bosch wins award for the Most Innovative Product in the German Gas Innovation Awards for its Solid Oxide Fuel Cell based on Ceres Power Tech

Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry – The future begins now

The award ceremony for this year’s innovation award of the German gas industry took place on November 4th, 2020.

The competition was under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The innovation award has been organized by the gas industry for over twenty years, represented by the associations ASUE, DVGW, Zukunft Erdgas and of course the BDEW. The prize honors projects that are characterized by a pronounced commitment to climate protection and resource conservation.

“The energy transition needs gas, especially CO2-free and neutral. And gas needs innovation from Germany in order for the energy turnaround to succeed, ”said Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, on the innovation award.

Innovative Products

Robert Bosch GmbH – Stationary, fuel-flexible fuel cell systems With the new, modular solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC technology), Bosch is setting new standards for performance and flexibility in the domestic boiler room. It can be operated with natural gas or biogas as well as with hydrogen, thus opening the door to the hydrogen age. With an electrical output of 10 kW, it occupies a previously untapped market segment and has great potential for decentralized power generation.

Robert Bosch GmbH has set itself the goal of creating technology for life and thus securing the livelihood of present and future generations. In the field of energy and building technology, it offers a variety of solutions for heating, air conditioning and hot water preparation. The range of heating solutions extends from condensing technology through solar thermal systems and heat pumps to combined heat and power systems. Bosch sees particular potential in the area of ​​highly efficient fuel cell technology.

Electric power plant that provides heat

The modular solid oxide fuel cell system (SOFC fuel cell) that Bosch is testing at several company locations sets new standards in terms of performance and flexibility. It achieves an electrical output of 10 kWel and thus occupies a previously untapped market segment in terms of performance. The electrical efficiency is more than 60 percent, the overall efficiency is more than 85 percent. The SOFC fuel cells can be operated with natural gas, biomethane, hydrogen or a mixture of the gases. This creates neither nitrogen oxides nor particles in the exhaust gas.

Key facts about the project

Next-generation fuel cell technology: The SOFC devices from Robert Bosch GmbH can be operated with natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen and achieve an electrical efficiency of more than 60 percent. With the stationary fuel cell system – which among other things supplies one of the plant locations with electricity – the subject of combined heat and power is given new momentum. An important contribution to the energy system of the future.

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