Fuel Cells Works at CES Day 4: Hydrogen and Fuel cell Industry has Arrived

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Fuel Cells Works, Fuel Cells Works at CES Day 4
  • If it was not already clear that the hydrogen and fuel cell industry has arrived, then today at CES made that clear. 

The day started off with Fuel Cells Works talking with Maca Flight’s Christian Pineau about what Maca is up to (we will publish the interview this coming week), and Christian mentioned that Maca is working on building a FCEV capable of sustained flight.  It is currently developing its fuel-cell technology in-house, and it is looking to get it completely certified to compete in a couple of competitions in June.

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However, Maca is not stopping there. It is also working on creating four or five teams and ultimately creating a Formula 1-like event where its S11 fuel cell VTOL (vertical take off and landing) will compete for fuel cell flying supremacy.  All of which is exciting to say the least, and Fuel Cells Works is looking forward to bringing coverage on those races.

Fuel Cells Works, Fuel Cells Works at CES Day 4

Fuel Cells Works then spent some time with Nanotech Energy’s David Palmer to learn more about its technology. Nanotech Energy has developed a process of mass-producing high-quality graphene that in batteries can increase the amount of energy stored, double the lifespan of a battery, and is non-flammable.  However, it is also in talks with fuel cell makers, like those found in a Nexo, since high quality graphene can also significantly increase the lifespan of a fuel cell while reducing the need for metals from the platinum group metals.

Fuel Cells Works, Fuel Cells Works at CES Day 4

Next Fuel Cells Works spent time with Jiwon Jung, Kee Song, and Mr. Park from Morai, which is a firm that has created a virtual environment in which vehicle manufacturers looking to deploy autonomous vehicles in the air, on land, and in the sea can test out their autonomous vehicle technology to see how it will perform under different conditions. With its virtual environment Morai can help manufacturers speed up product development and lower their costs at the same time. Morai’s environment can even account for the different operating nature of the power train, such as FCEVs. The Morai team showed off some of the different environments to Fuel Cells Works in the video below.

As one meeting ended Fuel Cells Works was swept off to another one with Evocargo and we will publish that interview this coming week.

Fuel Cells Works, Fuel Cells Works at CES Day 4

While Fuel Cells Works had planed on spending time with Hyundai Mobis due to Covid-19 issues we were unable to meet with the Hyundai Mobis hydrogen team.  However, Hyundai Heavy Industries stepped in and held a press conference in which it showcased its work with robots and autonomous marine technology. The cherry on top was Hyundai Heavy Industries highlighting its Hydrogen Vision 2030 strategy. Fuel Cells Works will be bringing more on that later, but in the meantime the full press conference can be viewed below.

Tomorrow may be the last day of CES, but Fuel Cells Works will continue to bring additional news from the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. However, even at this point it has been amazing to see the breadth and depth of firms from the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, and as 2022 unfolds the number of organizations in the industry will only increase. All of which serves as a constant reminder that hydrogen and fuel cells are no longer a technology down the road. Instead, fuel cells are helping firms around the world to decarbonize responsibly NOW. Check back tomorrow as Fuel Cells Works continues to bring on the ground CES 2022 coverage!

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