Germany: H2-Kompass – Signpost for Hydrogen

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Fuel Cells Works, H2-Kompass – Signpost for Hydrogen

Acatech and DECHEMA have been jointly designing and implementing and the H2-Kompass project since summer 2021. The aim is to identify a targeted research and innovation policy for the hydrogen economy. The starting point is the German government’s National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS), which envisages the creation of a hydrogen roadmap.

Courses of action towards a German hydrogen economy

The possible courses of action towards a hydrogen economy are as complex as a labyrinth. The H2-Kompass project will therefore examine possible scenarios along with their prerequisites, potentials and plausible outcomes. This will build upon a continuous review of relevant studies and strategy papers on hydrogen, combined with the results of an extensive stakeholder dialogue. The options highlighted by the H2-Kompass are intended to be an efficient and fact-based tool for drafting a hydrogen roadmap for the German hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen as part of Germany’s energy supply

The creation of a sustainable hydrogen economy will last decades. Future demand as well as the availability of hydrogen will be linked to technological and market development. Domestic hydrogen production will require large amounts of renewable energy and will likely need to be supplemented by imports. Further, the use of hydrogen will require major investments and infrastructure, the latter sometimes entailing several years of lead time. Social acceptance issues will also play a decisive role in the development of a German and international hydrogen economy.


  • Systematic inventory of existing roadmaps and scenarios, with examination of the plausibility of the underlying assumptions (meta-analysis)
  • Continuous stakeholder dialogue via a survey, thematic workshops and a stakeholder conference
  • Creation of an Actor Atlas that depicts hydrogen economy actors on a map of Germany
  • Development of various courses of action and application scenarios as a basis for a roadmap towards a hydrogen economy in Germany

Participating institutions

acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering e.V.

DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology e.V.

Sounding Board

An interdisciplinary working group of experts oversees and advises the project to ensure high quality and up-to-date research.

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