Hydrogen-powered broadband in rural areas

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Broadway Partners is trialling the TCP (Taylor Construction Plant Ltd) Ecolite CH2 hydrogen fuel cell power unit as an environmentally friendly way of running their broadband transmitters in remote areas

The low-carbon Ecolite CH2 is a cabinet and manifolded gas cage, powered by a HYMERA® hydrogen fuel cell from BOC, a member of The Linde group. The unit will provide Broadway Partners with an off-grid power solution that is not only silent in operation but also produces zero carbon emissions.

Broadway Partners has already successfully used the Ecolite CH2 to power its broadband transmitter at the Kinross Show providing free WiFi to visitors and exhibitors. It was also used by Broadway Partners to power its demonstration of TV White Space technology at the show, wireless broadband that does not require line of sight to work.

Over the coming weeks the hydrogen fuel cell power unit will be taken to some of the more remote areas in rural Kinross-shire by Broadway Partners. The company is hopeful that with this supply of off-grid power it will be able to deliver quality broadband to hard-to-reach rural areas without generating the noise or air pollution normally associated with conventional, diesel-powered units.

Michael Armitage, Chairman and CEO of Broadway, said: “the lack of an on-grid power supply can often be the last stumbling block to the delivery of high quality broadband in remote rural areas. With TCP’s fuel cells we have the opportunity to trial a game-changing solution, further extending the potential of TV whitespace radio.”

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