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fuel cells works, Toyota Tsusho to Start the World's First Long-Term Implementation Demonstration Project for the Local Production for Local Consumption of Hydrogen at the Port of Los Angeles in the United States
  • Toyota develops hydrogen-powered truck
  • Freight traffic can be more environmentally friendly

Trucks in Japan are responsible for approximately 60 percent of the total CO 2 emissions of all commercial vehicles in the country.

Toyota believes that CO 2 emissions number has to drop drastically, we find at Toyota. And so Toyota partnered with Hino Motors Ltd. developing a hydrogen-powered truck. With the hydrogen technology from the new Toyota Mirai!

Freight traffic can be more environmentally friendly

Toyota and Hino Motors (Hino trucks are currently not available in Europe, but Hino is a very well-known name on the world stage) believe that freight traffic can be much more environmentally friendly. However, a truck that is used commercially must continue to meet certain requirements in terms of payload, range and cruising speed. And they have to be able to fill up quickly because time is money. Then an electric truck with a large battery pack quickly falls off. But a hydrogen-powered truck does offer opportunities.

Range of  600 kilometers

Toyota Mirai oblique front viewThe so-called Fuel Cell Truck that we are going to develop is based on the Hino Profia and should have a range of approximately 600 kilometers. Ideal for highway transport. Two efficient fuel cell stacks from the new Toyota Mirai will be installed. We will adjust the chassis of the basic truck. In such a way that we can position the fuel cell stacks in such a way that they are the most efficient. We also strive for the lowest possible weight of the Fuel Cell Truck, about 25 tons. This is favorable for the loading capacity and range.

For everyone in society

We have been working with Hino Motors on developing fuel cell technology since 2003. In that year we jointly tested a bus on hydrogen. We see hydrogen as an important energy source for the future. Together we are committed to a hydrogen-based society. We develop electric vehicle technology for everyone in society. The nearly 12 meter long Fuel Cell Truck that we are going to develop is a concrete example of our plans in this area.

Proven Toyota fuel cell technology

In addition to using the fuel cell in the Fuel Cell Sedan Toyota Mirai, Toyota is working with various partners to integrate the proven Toyota fuel cell technology into other products. For example, Toyota now supplies Toyota city ​​buses with Caetano fuel cell technology and the Hydrogen vessel the Energy Observer is also equipped with Toyota fuel cell technology.

Toyota Energy Observer on water

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