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UNSW Sydney to Develop Hydrogen Storage for Renewables

By | News, Research News | No Comments March 20, 2019

A system that stores renewable energy as hydrogen and is safer for home use than lithium-ion batteries is on the horizon for researchers at UNSW Sydney.

Researchers at UNSW Sydney with partners H2Store have received a $3.5 million investment from Providence Asset Group to develop a first-of-its-kind hydrogen storage system that could mean cheaper, safer storage for renewable energy.

Economists Map Out Economically Viable Path to Renewables-Based Hydrogen Production

By | News, Research News | No Comments March 7, 2019

Hydrogen production based on wind power can already be commercially viable today. Until now, it was generally assumed that this environmentally friendly power-to-gas technology could not be implemented profitably. Economists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the University of Mannheim and Stanford University have now described, based on the market situations in Germany and Texas, how flexible production facilities could make this technology a key component in the transition of the energy system.