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Fuel Cells Works Interviews Ballard’s US Market Development Manager Timothy Sasseen

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On 09.20.2021 Fuel Cells Works sat down with Ballard’s deft and very thoughtful Timothy Sasseen to get Ballard’s perspective on the hydrogen sector. This has been a positive year for Ballard and the hydrogen industry overall, and just last week on 09.16 Ballard introduced its next generation FCMove HD+ fuel cell to the market.  Without a doubt the world will be seeing a lot more of Ballard as we progress into the future.

Fuel Cells Works, GenH2, Hydrogen Infrastructure Solutions Leader, to Exhibit At Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at Long Beach Convention Center August 30-September 2, 2021

Fuel Cells Works Interviews GenH2’s CEO Cody Bateman

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On 09.08 Fuel Cells Works sat down with GenH2’s Cody Bateman and Susan Magi to learn more about what GenH2 is doing and what area of the hydrogen sector it is focusing on.  GenH2 is the industry leader in liquid hydrogen, and its leading-edge products were developed using the knowledge gained from helping NASA to launch space shuttles into orbit.

Fuel Cells Works, ACT 2021 08.31 Fireside Chat

ACT Expo 2021 08.31 Fireside Chat

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At ACT’s fireside chat with Volvo’s Peter Voorhoeve, Peter indicated that it sees FCEVs after BEVs. Volvo is ready to go national in the U.S. with the deployment of BEVs, and its dealerships are on-board.  California is expected to play a major role in Volvo’s BEV roll out given its historical trend to reducing vehicle emissions.  Peter somewhat awkwardly stated that we should leave this world in the same shape in which the present generation found it, but after a pause added that we could also leave it in better shape than it was found.

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2021 ACT Expo Trade Floor

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After watching the fireside chat on 08.31 where Volvo’s Peter Voorhoeve talked about Volvo’s desire to dip a toe into the BEV (battery electric vehicle) pool, and maybe part of a toe into the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) pool, Fuel Cells Works hit the trade show floor where FCEVs and the various components of FCEVs were on full display.

Fuel Cells Works, Hyundai Wave Forum

Hyundai Wave Forum: Fuel Cells Works Insight of Hyundai’s View of the Future of Mobility

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Montreal, Canada 09.06.2021Fuel Cells Works attended Hyundai’s Wave Forum event where Hyundai presented its vision of how hydrogen can fit into the mobility sector to reduce its emissions.  At the event Hyundai demonstrated a concept vehicle using fuel cell technology called the “e-Bogie”, which basically looks like the platform a traditional bogie (train car) is built on.  However, the e-Bogie is designed for roads and ports instead of rails.  The wheels on the e-Bogie are able to all turn enabling it to fit into tight spots or go around sharp corners, like a roundabout, with much greater ease than current diesel trucks are able to.  While the e-Bogie is a concept vehicle it is light years ahead of the thinking behind Shell Oil’s Starship 2.0, and really shows the lack of forward thinking that is rampant amongst oil and gas companies presently.

Fuel Cells Works, The Role Of Fuel Cell Technology In Disaster Recovery

The Role of Fuel Cell Technology in Disaster Recovery

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Using hydrogen as a fuel source may bring back unpleasant memories of the Hindenberg Disaster in 1937, but our technology has evolved quite a bit since then. Today, hydrogen fuel cells are self-contained, emit water and oxygen as their only exhaust and while not as common as electric vehicles or other green and sustainable options, are slowly emerging as another eco-friendly alternative.

Fuel Cells Works, H2X Reveals Its New Fuel Cell-Powered Truck

Australia: H2X Reveals Its New Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Truck

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An Australian startup called H2X has revealed a zero-emissions pickup truck called the Warrego. The hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck will be the company’s first vehicle available for purchase. While H2X won’t mass-produce the Warrego, companies can buy up to five, and it represents a significant step for the electric vehicle market.

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