2JCP Completes Production of Silyzer300 Electrolyzers for Siemens Energy

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2JCP is proud to announce the completion of two Silyzer300 electrolyzers for Siemens Energy, a significant milestone in the progress of Europe’s largest e-Methanol production plant, FlagshipONE, situated in Örnsköldsvik, northern Sweden. This collaboration underscores our commitment to pioneering sustainable energy solutions.

Last week marked the successful delivery of these advanced electrolyzers, part of a series with two additional units expected to be finalized this spring. These electrolyzers are integral to FlagshipONE, a groundbreaking Power-to-X facility developed by Danish energy giant Ørsted. With a capacity of utilizing 70 MW PEM electrolyzers alongside CO2 capture technology, the facility is on track to start operations in 2025, aiming to produce an annual output of 55,000 tons of e-methanol.

In a significant endorsement of the project’s potential, the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, initiated by Bill Gates, acquired a 15% equity stake in FlagshipONE last December. This partnership not only highlights the project’s innovative approach to sustainable energy but also connects 2JCP with global efforts to combat climate change.

About 2JCP

Founded over three decades ago as a family workshop, 2JCP has evolved from serving local industries to becoming a globally recognized supplier of comprehensive solutions across various sectors. Our journey from a small workshop to an international entity reflects our dedication to quality, reliability, and sustainability.

Today, 2JCP specializes in executing complex projects in the realms of gas-fired power plants, hydrogen production, CO2 capture and storage, and process technologies within the food industry. With a presence on nearly every continent, we boast sales offices worldwide and maintain engineering, management, and development teams in the UK, US, and Czech Republic, alongside two extensive manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic.

As we look forward to the completion of the remaining Silyzer 300 units for FlagshipONE, 2JCP remains dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions that contribute to a greener future.

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