Bosch Debuts Hydrogen Hob With Invisible Flames for H100 Fife Project’s 300 Homes

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  • Bosch unveiled the first green hydrogen-powered hob at EuroCucina 2024, part of a pilot project called “H100 Fife” launched in Scotland.

Bosch has introduced a groundbreaking hydrogen hob, set to be tested in approximately 300 apartments in Buckhaven and Denbeath, Scotland. This innovative appliance is a part of the ambitious “H100 Fife” project, aimed at reducing carbon emissions by utilizing green hydrogen produced from wind-generated electricity.

Unlike traditional gas hobs that burn natural gas, Bosch’s new product uses a hydrogen mix that emits no carbon dioxide, aligning with global efforts to achieve a zero CO2 footprint. The hob’s development is a significant step in Bosch’s commitment to sustainable home appliances, showcased recently at EuroCucina 2024.

The unique feature of the hydrogen hob is its transparent flame, made possible by a hydrogen-rich mixture that burns at lower temperatures compared to industrial oxyhydrogen flames. For user safety, the appliance is equipped with illuminated knobs to indicate when the burners are active, addressing potential safety concerns due to the flame’s invisibility.

The “H100 Fife” project, operated by local gas distribution company SGN, represents a pioneering move towards integrating green hydrogen into everyday cooking and heating solutions. This initiative not only supports Scotland’s climate goals but also serves as a model for similar applications worldwide.

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