Everfuel Progressed For Potential EU IPCEI Grants on Green Hydrogen Projects

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Fuel cells works, Everfuel Progressed For Potential EU IPCEI Grants on Green Hydrogen Projects

Herning, Denmark – The Danish Business Authority today announced the qualification of two projects, both supported by Everfuel, for participation in its IPCEI state fund application, to be approved by the European Commission late 2021 or early 2022.

IPCEI projects are large pan-European projects that address common European interests and generate positive spillover effects across the EU. A prerequisite for the IPCEI projects is state funding, and the Danish Government has allocated DKK 850 million to the Danish IPCEI projects. The projects and state funding endorse a European ambition of supporting green hydrogen and creating a commercial market for hydrogen and PtX.

If the two projects Everfuel are involved in is approved by the European Commission later this year, or early next year, the projects will be guaranteed Danish state funding. The level and timing of funding will be announced in relation with the final decision by the European Commission.

The Danish Business Authority has nominated the project “HySynergy 2.0: 300MW PtX “ to be included in the IPCEI state funding application. The project is led by Everfuel and plans to establish the second phase of the HySynergy facility with Crossbridge Energy Fredericia as partner.

The second Danish project which has received a prenotification of participation in IPCEI Hydrogen is “Green Fuels for Denmark”. The project is a renewable hydrogen project led by Ørsted with Everfuel as one of the project partners.

“We are pleased that Everfuel is involved in both of the Danish IPCEI projects which are now progressing to the final approval stage in the European Commission. Meanwhile we will continue maturing the projects even further. If the European Commission approves the projects, this will be an important contribution to the commercialization of green hydrogen and decarbonizing the EU,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO at Everfuel.


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