For Green Future Perspective a New Hydrogen Educational Module in a Leipzig School

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As part of the “HYPOS makes school” educational project, a module on green hydrogen will start in September 2021. During the profile lesson on green future prospects at the Gustav-Hertz-Gymnasium, the Leipzig pupils are introduced to the possibilities of the climate-friendly energy source in a practical way.

Green hydrogen for the 8th grade

The pupils of the Gustav-Hertz-Gymnasium have a full half-year to deal with the entire value chain of green hydrogen. From the production of renewable energy through electrolysis, through the various transport and storage options for green gas, to the various possible uses, for example in industry or mobility. Along the path of green gas, the students learn the importance of the energy source for the energy transition and climate protection and are accompanied by Romy Hortenbach.

For the chemistry and geography teacher, energy is one of the most important elixirs of life in our society. It is important to conserve finite resources while at the same time developing alternatives. “Sustainable development starts at school. Therefore, with the module “Green Hydrogen”, a modern profile lesson should convey applied natural sciences as they are: fascinating, sustainable, exploratory, innovative and future-oriented” says Hortenbach.

With electrolysis test cases, learning games, discussions with H2 experts and an insight into various job profiles in the hydrogen industry, the students can familiarize themselves with the topic from different perspectives. During the excursion to the HYPOS hydrogen village in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park, the students see a complete test facility that simulates the distribution of hydrogen through the connection to private households.

At the end of the module, the students apply the knowledge they have acquired in an independent future workshop and use the example of their own school, which is also already equipped with a solar system, to design how the potential of green hydrogen can be used.

Education and the application of knowledge as a milestone in promoting acceptance

Green hydrogen has long been a topic in politics and business, but for the majority of the population no more than an abstract term. With various activities, the German hydrogen network HYPOS wants to convey a concrete understanding of the climate-friendly energy carrier and its technologies. The aim of the module, in addition to developing a comprehensive teaching concept and providing didactically prepared teaching material, is to provide the students with the methods and knowledge to give responsible and differentiated decisions for their own energy future.


Source: HYPOS Forum

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