Hydrolux Announces a Network of 7 Green Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Heavy Transport

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AL-D’OR, QC–Hydrolux unveils the “Trans-Québec 1” project.  The Trans-Québec 1 project is made up of seven green hydrogen refueling stations for heavy truck transport across Quebec. These green hydrogen refueling stations will be located in each of the municipalities of Val-d’Or , Saint-Jérôme, Lévis, Saguenay, Rivière-du-Loup, Mont-Laurier and Coteau-du-Lac. The Trans-Québec 1 project is a structuring network of 7 green hydrogen refueling stations allowing Quebec transporters to carry out interregional transport, passing from one region to another, over a vast territory representing nearly 97% of the Quebec population .

Each of the green hydrogen refueling stations will be equipped with a 5MW electrolyser whose capacity can then be doubled in order to follow growth in demand. Ultimately, the Trans-Québec 1 project will avoid nearly 155,000 tonnes of CO 2 annually. The Trans-Québec 1 project will be carried out in phases starting in 2025.

“ With its seven stations, the Trans-Québec 1 project will become the backbone of green hydrogen refueling for heavy transport in Quebec, thereby contributing to the growth of this sector necessary for the decarbonization of heavy transport ” , says Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin , President and CEO of Hydrolux.

Trans-Québec 1: an evolution of Project 117

Hydrolux announced, on July 5, 2022, Project 117 which included two green hydrogen refueling stations, one in Val-d’Or and the other in Saint-Jérôme. Inspired by Project 117, the Trans-Québec 1 project extends the network of stations announced by Hydrolux from two to seven stations. The Trans-Québec 1 project contributes to decarbonization as well as the economic development of the regions by offering an alternative to fossil fuels that takes into account their geographic and economic realities.

About Hydrolux

Hydrolux is a Quebec company that develops projects for self-producing green hydrogen gas stations for heavy transport. Hydrolux’s primary objective is to offer an economically and logistically viable alternative to intensive users wishing to transition their vehicle fleet from fossil fuels to a clean energy source. Thus, Hydrolux wishes to contribute to developing a stronger, more resilient and carbon-free economy in order to offer a better future to the next generations.


SOURCE: Hydrolux


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