Hynion Sweden Participates in Innovation Clusters for BioGenGas

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Fuel Cells Works,Hynion Sweden Participates in Innovation Clusters for BioGenGas

Energigas Sweden has been granted funds by the energy authority to run an innovation cluster for sustainable, biogenic energy gases, BioGenGas. Hynion Sweden is one of 24 companies that, together with 4 universities and colleges, were included in the application submitted last autumn.

The gas industry has produced a climate roadmap within the framework of Fossil-free Sweden, with the goal that all energy gases used in Sweden must be fossil-free by 2045 at the latest and that the potential for the production of renewable gas must be realized. Examples of BioGene energy gases are biogas, biogenic hydrogen, Biogasol and BioDME. The production potential for biogenic energy gases needs to be realized at a faster rate than until now and new production techniques added.

“We are happy that Hynion Sweden is joining this innovation cluster and look forward to collaborating with the industry and academia to work for the development of biogenic energy gases,” says Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion Sweden.

The innovation cluster will be operated from now until the end of 2025 and work for both technological development of gas production and utilization of the by-products that are developed in the production.

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About Hynion

Hynion designs, builds and operates hydrogen refueling stations in and around the largest cities in Scandinavia and is today the largest operator of hydrogen refueling stations in Norway and Sweden. The Company builds on experience from the past 20 years of participation in several world-leading hydrogen projects. The Company’s management has extensive experience in establishing and operating companies in the renewable energy sector as well as many years of experience from the transport industry.


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