Oceanslab Launches Its Cleantech Hub With Three New Members!

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October 5, 2023 |

  • With the creation of the Cleantech Hub, OceansLab announces new partnerships with Brétéché, Groupe Mousset-JeTransporte and Groupe Clisson.
  • The OceansLab Cleantech Hub: the latest development in the global zero emissions campaign.

The first Cleantech Hub Members are now in place.

Through their global zero-emissions four-year campaign, and with support from their Cleantech Hub Members, OceansLab is looking to uphold the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13) and Life Below Water (14), by recognising that action in one area will affect outcomes in others.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the teams at Brétéché, Groupe Mousset-Jetransporte and Groupe Clisson on this exciting and innovative project which, we are hoping will transform the global clean technology landscape in the maritime industry, and beyond. We are all in the same race against climate change and by developing initiatives like this and working together, we will improve climate resilience.” – said Phil Sharp, CEO and skipper of OceansLab.

OceansLab employs a highly resilient, scalable clean energy solution through the integration of multiple forms of complimentary energy capture and storage technologies which will be demonstrated in high profile events of the IMOCA Globe Series, including the Vendée Globe and The Ocean Race.

“Our zero emissions flagship IMOCA will be the only non-polluting yacht competing in the IMOCA Globe Series. The different forms of complimentary energy capture and storage technologies include a hydrogen fuel cell, green hydrogen, solar power, wind power, hydro power and lithium batteries, providing a highly resilient and scalable clean energy solution now and in the future.” – added Sharp.

Cleantech Hub Member: Brétéché

“Our world is undergoing upheavals that require us to rethink the way we produce and consume energy in the years to come. We need to prepare ourselves to work differently, whilst conserving resources and the environment. That’s why Brétéché has decided to embark on a much-needed transformation, by focusing on a clean, sustainable and local energy source: green hydrogen, produced locally from seawater and renewable energy. After many months of studies and research, Brétéché is diversifying with the opening of a hydrogen station.

“Together, we’re sailing towards a cleaner, more sustainable and more exciting future. The shared values between our company and sailing, such as innovation, agility, expertise and the pursuit of excellence, form the basis of this strong partnership with OceansLab. Our partnership goes beyond competition and performance, it’s about demonstrating that environmentally-friendly energy alternatives are not only possible, but also beneficial to the planet.

“Following months of studies and research, we are convinced that the future will be written with green hydrogen, an ecological and economical energy source. As entrepreneurs in our county, we are often singled out for our boldness and dynamism. Some people even speak of the ‘Vendée economic miracle’. So, let us be pioneers and start writing the future, today.” said Eric Hidier, CEO of Brétéché.

Cleantech Hub Member: Groupe Mousset-JeTransporte

“The reason for this partnership is that OceansLab is both a sporting and an environmental campaign, which adheres to our company’s strategy. What’s more, OceansLab and Groupe Mousset- Jetransporte share a common interest: the search for new renewable energies to replace polluting fossil fuels.

“This project was an obvious choice for Groupe Mousset-Jetransporte, as it is both a sporting and environmental project, in line with our Group strategy. Phil Sharp’s challenge is similar to our company’s aim: to find a way to respect the environment with a cleaner energy source: hydrogen.” said Frédéric Leblanc, CEO of Groupe Mousset-Jetransporte.

Cleantech Hub Member: Groupe Clisson

“Groupe Clisson’s priority is to find ground-breaking solutions for the development of its activities. For the transport of our goods and the mobility of our clients, we’re striving to raise awareness, train and invest with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

“Impressed by the move that Brétéché took by distributing green hydrogen in the Vendée region, we recently acquired a hydrogen-powered vehicle and have also decided to support the development of the H2 sector in this pioneering county, where Groupe Clisson can already be found in Challans and Les Herbiers.

“We’re confident in the future of the hydrogen industry so it was an obvious choice for us to be involved in the OceansLab project. Alongside our partners on this journey, we’re proud to promote this innovative project brought to us by OceansLab in the name of low-carbon, sustainable mobility.” said Aude Moreau and Laurent Clisson, Managing Directors of Groupe Clisson.

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Main Image caption: Phil Sharp, CEO and Skipper of OceansLab with Eric Hidier, CEO of Brétéché Photo credit: OceansLab / Black Pepper Yachts


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