First Gas

New Zealand: Hydrogen Project First to Join NNEDC

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First Gas announced today a hydrogen-pipeline trial as one of the first projects likely to start at the National New Energy Development Centre being set up in Taranaki.

The New Plymouth-based company, which owns and operates gas networks, will base staff at the centre to design and run a trial of transmission and end use of hydrogen or hydrogen-blend gas.

Salzburg Hyundai Hydrogen 1

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Car the Hyundai Nexo Makes its Debut in Salzburg

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  • First roadworthy hydrogen electric car in the country
  • Innovative drive technology helps to make sustainable progress for Salzburg.

This has never happened in Salzburg: The world’s first hydrogen-powered mass-produced electric car was presented in Salzburg today. State Councilor Stefan Schnöll was part of unveiling and said,  “I am open to innovative drive technologies that help to make sustainable progress.”

University of Waterloo Fuel Cell Test Vehicle3

University of Waterloo Researcher Receives $1.9 million for Fuel Cell Project

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Funding was formally announced this week for a four-year, $1.9-million project to develop low-cost, durable hydrogen fuel cells to power buses and cars.

The project – a collaboration involving academia, industry and government – is led by Waterloo Engineering professor Xianguo Li, a world-class researcher in the field for two decades.

fuel cells works, Towards Future-Proof Inland Waterway Transport In Europe

Hydrogen Europe and Waterborne Technology Platform sign Memorandum of Understanding

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  • The goal is to foster opportunities of hydrogen based fuels as part of zero-emission waterborne transport

The European energy transition is underway and, with this in mind, the waterborne and hydrogen sectors are ready to cooperate in order to contribute together to ensure Europe’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.

Rimac hyundai Main

Hyundai Motor Group Partners with Rimac to Accelerate Development of High-Performance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

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  •  Hyundai Motor Group to invest EUR 80 million in Rimac Automobili
  •  Hyundai Motor to invest EUR 64 million; Kia Motors to invest EUR 16 million
  •  Companies to collaborate on high-performance EV and FCEV prototypes by 2020
  •  New partnership to enhance Group’s status as game changer in Clean Mobility

SEOUL/ZAGREB — Hyundai Motor Group and Rimac Automobili (Rimac) have announced a strategic partnership aimed to strengthen the Group’s efforts to lead the high-performance electrified vehicle market and enhance its status as a game changer in Clean Mobility.

WrightBus Hydrogen Powered by Ballard

Ballard Announces Order From Wrightbus For 20 Fuel Cell Modules to Power London Buses

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  • Initial U.K. cluster deployments under JIVE funding program
  • Reflects increasing European momentum in fuel cells for heavy duty transportation applications

VANCOUVER– Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) today announced a purchase order from Wrightbus (, a leading bus OEM and Ballard partner headquartered in Northern Ireland, for 20 FCveloCity®-HD 85-kilowatt fuel cell modules to power London buses under the Joint Initiative For Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe (“JIVE”) funding program.

Hydrogen Refueling Germany

Germany: NIP Funding Extended for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations – Applications Can be Made as of Now

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100 hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany by 2020 – this goal is close to becoming a reality. Today 70 hydrogen refuelling stations are operating, with another 30 being constructed. The development of a customer-focussed infrastructure for vehicles using hydrogen and fuel cell technology will however, continue beyond 2019. The next milestone: 400 hydrogen refuelling stations by 2025.

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