Plagazi Announces Project With Gotlandsbolaget for the Supply of Hydrogen for Next-Generation ’gotland Horizon’ Fleet

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Plagazi Announces Project With Gotlandsbolaget for the Supply of Hydrogen for Next Generation gotland Horizon Fleet

The first phase of the project, a Basic Engineering Study, involves producing an extensive report describing the end-to-end feasibility of implementing the Plagazi production plants for localized and cost-effective supply of hydrogen. The plan is for Gotlandsbolaget’s next-generation hydrogen-powered maritime transport vessels to utilize Plagazi’s hydrogen as fuel and enable Gotlandsbolaget’s Destination Zero initiative, working towards climate-neutrality by 2045.

Gotlandsbolaget is currently developing their Gotland Horizon series, vessels with the capability to be run on hydrogen, which marks Sweden’s first project for large-scale hydrogen-powered transport of passengers and cargo by sea. The series consists of two ships, the Gotland Horizon, and the Gotland Horizon X, which will both be staples in their strategy to become a zero-emissions transport company by 2045 through their initiative Destination Zero.

Plagazi and Gotlandsbolaget will evaluate the possibility of supplying sustainable and circular hydrogen from Plagazi waste-to-hydrogen production plants to key sites for Gotlandsbolaget’s operations. The collaboration will involve Plagazi’s production of circular and sustainable hydrogen from locally sourced difficult-to-treat waste and aims to facilitate convenient and cost-effective supply of the fuel.

This collaboration between the parties comes as a natural next step after Gotlandsbolaget’s investment into Plagazi in 2022, with which they acquired 10% of the company. The collaboration also marks a step forward in establishing diversified fuel supply for large-scale sustainable maritime transport solutions in the Baltic Sea and is a landmark step in the direction of introducing Plagazi’s sustainable and circular hydrogen as a reliable industrial fuel for heavy maritime transports.

”Taking the next step in our strategic collaboration with Gotlandsbolaget is a highly exciting opportunity for Plagazi to prove that our sustainable and circular hydrogen and production scale is suitable for large-scale operations requiring up to thousands of tons of hydrogen on a yearly basis. Once successfully implemented, the project would mark a historical achievement for Plagazi and the Nordic hydrogen market as a whole by helping to pave the way for sustainable large-scale hydrogen-powered transport.” – Torsten Granberg, CSO & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Plagazi AB (publ)

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Torsten Granberg, CSO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Plagazi AB (publ)

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About Plagazi AB (publ)

Plagazi AB is a Swedish clean-tech company which is revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen. Plagazi helps society close the circular loop by transforming waste into green hydrogen through plasma gasification, contributing to resolve the significant global issue of non-recyclable waste, renewable energy sources and carbon emissions. With multiple active projects across Europe, the company aims to become the answer to the continents strive to reach its climate goals.

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