SoCal H2GP Racers Talk Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

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Fuel Cells Works, SoCal H2GP Racers Talk Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

After the first practice match in southern California for the current season of Horizon Educational’s H2GP competition Fuel Cells Works spent time with three of the teams doing an impromptu Q&A session. 

While organizations globally are eager to talk about hydrogen and fuel cell products, it is a rare privilege to get perspective from young people on hydrogen and fuel cells.  Plus, there is perhaps no better group of young people to talk with about FCEVs than current and veteran H2GP racers!

The names of the students in the first video are Cara Nicargi, Aneliese Aaron, Travis Wright, Joshua Kelley, and Ian Weiss.

Edison High School Students

The students in the second video are from the high schools of Waldorf, Abraham Lincoln, and Los Alamitos.

Students From Waldorf, Abraham Lincoln, and Los Alamitos High Schools

The names of the students in the third video are Megan Weiss, Cameron Weiss, Evan Weiss, Brendan Lutrell, and Mateo Zaki.  The young people in the below video have graduated from high school, but are contributing their extremely valuable time by helping to coach and mentor new racing teams in the H2GP competition.

Horizon Educational H2GP Veterans

Stay tuned for more H2GP racing news as the current season continues this coming Saturday with the first northern California practice match scheduled to take place in San Jose!  Fuel Cells Works will be attending the event and continuing to report on the H2GP season, which is without any doubt the most exciting and valuable zero emission racing competition in the Western Hemisphere!

A special thanks from Fuel Cells Works to each of the teams for taking time to share their highly valuable insights on hydrogen and fuel cells!


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