Sweden: Powercell AB and Plagazi Collaborate on Koping Hydrogen Park Using Innovative Fuel Cell Technology

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Fuel Cells Works, Sweden: Powercell AB and Plagazi Collaborate on Koping Hydrogen Park Using Innovative Fuel Cell Technology

Plagazi AB (publ) (“Plagazi” or the “Company”) has contracted PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) (“PowerCell”) to conduct a pre-study investigating the feasibility to utilize PowerCell’s innovative fuel cell technology in Köping Hydrogen Park.

PowerCell Sweden offers the most compact and robust fuel cell systems on the market which can be utilized as a sustainable back-up generator for Köping Hydrogen Park or as a converting mechanism to enable Plagazi to sell green electricity produced from green hydrogen, directly to the power grid while also providing district heating to the municipality of Köping.

PowerCell offers emission-free power systems based on innovative fuel cell technology. The company develops and produces fuel cell stacks and systems with unique high-power density, for stationary, marine, Off-road and On-road applications. PowerCell’s products are powered by hydrogen and generate electricity and heat without any other emissions than water.

The collaboration between two leading innovators on the green energy market has the possibility to further evolve the market and combine the two technologies, creating synergies and new areas of application for the fuel cell-based technology. The initial step of the collaboration will determine how fuel cells can be implemented in the Plagazi process, opening up the possibility to combine Green Hydrogen Production with fuel cell usage. This opens up a new revenue stream for Plagazi, where green hydrogen can be converted into electricity and fed directly into the power grid or be used for back-up when the supply of green electricity fluctuates, in addition to providing district heat.

“Adding PowerCell’s technology to the Plagazi process will further show process maturity while the addition of fuel cells could either work as a back-up generator for the plant when there are fluctuations in the power grid or as a way to sell green hydrogen in another shape, electricity. When converting the green hydrogen to electricity, the heat from the process can be used as district heating for the municipality of Köping. This could open up multiple new revenue streams for the company and the process will be more compatible with wider ranges of customer demands.” – Torsten Granberg, CEO Plagazi AB (publ)

About Plagazi:

Plagazi AB is a Swedish clean-tech company which is revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen. Plagazi helps society close the circular loop by transforming waste into green hydrogen through plasma gasification, contributing to resolve the significant global issue of non-recyclable waste, renewable energy sources and carbon emissions. With multiple active projects across Europe, the company aims to become the answer to the continents strive to reach its climate goals.

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