Clean Power Capital Announces Appointment of Amp Energy Founder & CEO Dave Rogers to the PowerTap Advisory Board

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE)(FWB: 2K6)(OTC: MOTNF) (“Clean Power” or the “Company” or “MOVE”). The Company is pleased to appoint Mr. Dave Rogers, Founder & CEO of Amp Energy (“Amp”) to the advisory board of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. (“PowerTap”).

As previously announced on October 28, 2020, the Company invested in PowerTap as part of its investment strategy in the hydrogen sector.

Amp is an energy transition platform company. Founded in 2009, Amp has become one of the leading global renewables companies having successfully developed and built over 1.8 gigawatts renewable generation projects, hybrid generation plus battery storage projects, and stand-alone battery storage projects around the world, alongside a further 2.0 GW of generation and 2.2 GWh of battery storage assets in construction or entering construction in 2021.

With the addition of Amp X, its fully-integrated proprietary digital energy platform, providing a diverse portfolio of disruptive and interoperable solutions, including a state-of-the-art smart transformer, to address the energy transition by enabling the real-time autonomous management and optimized dispatch of all forms of distributed generation and loads across the grid, Amp has emerged as a differentiated and unique global energy transition platform.

Based in Toronto, Canada, with operations throughout North America, Japan, Australia, India, the UK, Iberia and the Czech Republic, Amp’s international team brings deep expertise and thought leadership to every aspect of the energy industry.

Amp has successfully raised over $2.5Bn of ESG-focused capital from global pension funds, two of the Walton family offices, Apollo Group, Power Corp and others.

Prior to Mr. Rogers founding Amp in 2009, he was the head of carbon markets and Front Street Capital, a $3.5Bn investment manager, where he was responsible for the origination, sale and trading of carbon credits both privately and through public exchanges globally.

Mr. Rogers commented “The global energy transition is in full swing and hydrogen will play a critical role in the future as we move away from fossil-based generation and transportation. The proprietary PowerTap technology provides critical and unique advantages over the rest of the field, which is why I’m particularity excited about helping the company grow rapidly over the coming years.”

“We are thrilled that Clean Power Capital has appointed Dave Rogers to the advisory board of PowerTap. He has built a global clean energy company over the past decade and we are excited to have him join our Advisory Board as we look to commercialize our PowerTap onsite hydrogen generation and fueling technology across North America and beyond starting in 2021,” said Mr. Raghu Kilambi, CEO of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. “Mr. Rogers’ international network of potential clean energy customers and partners along with blue chip ESG investors are invaluable to PowerTap as we build our hydrogen fueling station network.”

About PowerTap

PowerTap is leading the charge to build out cost-effective hydrogen fueling infrastructure through its environmentally friendly intellectual property, product design for the modularized and lowest tier production cost of hydrogen, and launch plan. PowerTap technology-based hydrogen fueling stations are located in private enterprises and public stations (near LAX airport) in California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Additional information about PowerTap may be found at its website at


Clean Power is an investment company, that specializes in investing into private and public companies opportunistically that may be engaged in a variety of industries, with a current focus in the health and renewable energy industries. In particular, the investment mandate is focused on high return investment opportunities, the ability to achieve a reasonable rate of capital appreciation and to seek liquidity in our investments. A copy of Clean Power’s amended and restated investment policy may be found under the Company’s profile at

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