France: Hydrogen Car Manufacturer Hopium Announces the Success of Its Capital Increase by Private Placement for a Total of 6 Million Euros

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Fuel Cells Works, France: Hydrogen Car Manufacturer Hopium Announces the Success of Its Capital Increase by Private Placement for a Total of 6 Million Euros

Paris — HOPIUM (FR0014000U63 / Ticker: MLHPI), French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen cars, today announces the success of its capital increase carried out with cancellation of shareholders’ preferential subscription rights for a final amount of € 6 million from a restricted circle of investors, in accordance with article L.411-2 I of the Monetary and Financial Code.

The Operation gave rise to the issue of 272,728 new shares with a unit par value of € 0.01, at a price per share of € 22 (issue premium included), for a total amount of € 6 million. euros (i.e. 2.17% of the post-transaction share capital of the Company).

Olivier LOMBARD, CEO of Hopium, declared on this occasion: “Hopium is pursuing with determination the development of the first high-end French sedan powered by hydrogen. The presentation of the Alpha 0 prototype on June 16, achieved in record time, is a first essential milestone in our roadmap which should lead to the future commercialization of the Hopium Machina. We are proud to share this ambitious project with our teams, our partners and our shareholders, whom we warmly thank for their confidence. ”

The settlement-delivery of the new shares issued within the framework of the Private Placement and their admission to the Euronext Access Paris market will take place no earlier than August 24, 2021. The new shares will carry current dividend rights and will be admitted to trading on the Euronext Access market. Euronext Access Paris under the same ISIN code FR0014000U63 – MLHPI.

At the end of the Operation, the Company’s share capital is now made up of 12,557,523 shares with a par value of € 0.01 each.

To the best of the Company’s knowledge, the distribution of the shareholding after the completion of the transaction is as follows:

Shareholders Number of actions Percentages of capital and voting rights
Olivier Lombard 6,252,736 49.79%
Historical shareholders 4,301,995 34.26%
Floating 2,002,792 15.95%
Total 12 557 523 100.00%

As an indication, the participation of a shareholder holding 1% of the Company’s share capital prior to the Operation will be increased to 0.98%.

In accordance with the provisions of article 211-3 of the General Regulations of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, the offer of the Company’s shares within the framework of this capital increase carried out within the framework of a private placement, has not not given rise to a prospectus submitted for approval by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

Detailed information concerning the Company, in particular relating to its activity, its results and the corresponding risk factors, can be found in chapters 5 and 6 of the Company’s information document, which can be consulted, as well as other regulated information and ” all of the Company’s press releases on its website ( ).

About Hopium

Founded by Olivier Lombard, the youngest winner of the 24h of Le Mans, Hopium is a manufacturer of high-end hydrogen vehicles which is the culmination of its experience acquired on motor racing circuits.

Olivier Lombard, who inherits automotive culture, drove hydrogen-powered racing cars for 7 years, making him the most experienced racer in the world in the field.

An open-air laboratory, the race enabled Olivier Lombard and his team to reflect on new mobility solutions in order to meet contemporary environmental challenges. While the transport sector alone is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, the company is positioning itself as a player in climate change.

Hopium brings together a team of experts, leading partners, at the forefront of innovation in the fields of hydrogen fuel cells, automotive technology and engineering.

Hopium (FR0014000U63 – MLHPI) is listed on Euronext Access + and is eligible for PEA-PME.

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