Norway: Troms Kraft Joins Glomfjord Hydrogen

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Fuel cells works, Norway: Troms Kraft Joins Glomfjord Hydrogen

In an issue for Glomfjord Hydrogen, Troms Kraft has been entered as the new owner, with an ownership record of 15.3 per cent. Other owners are Greenstat, NEL Fuel and Meløy Energi. The purchase marks Troms Kraft’s entry into the value chain around hydrogen.

“We believe hydrogen will become an important part of the future energy mix, and we are looking at this investment aspart of our strategy to help build northern Norway as a growth region based on renewable energy. We believe that this partnership – strategically located in Glomfjord, with its heavy industrial history in hydrogen – has good conditions for success,” says Erling Dalberg, executive vice president for innovation and development at Troms Kraft.

Glomfjord Hydrogen AS was established in 2016, with the goal of establishing large-scale hydrogen production, both in compressed and liquid form. The goal is in the first place to win the anbudet om Vestfjord- ferries, which will have their first deliveries of hydrogen as early as 2025. In addition, several other market channels are being worked on. In 2020, a cooperation agreement was put in place with French Air Liquide on the liquefied liquefied by hydrogen.

-With Air Liquide, NEL Fuel and now Troms Kraft on board, we are starting to approach a complete partnership. As the largest energy group in the north, Troms Kraft brings important expertise on the energy market into Glomfjord Hydrogen. In addition, we get a solid and long-term partner,which is crucial in a market under construction,” says Vegard Frihammer, CEO of Greenstat, largest shareholder in Glomfjord Hydrogen AS.

A number of public investigations over the past year leave no doubt that hydrogwill become an important priority area for Norway as an energy nation. Meløy municipality has therefore worked strategically and purposefully over a long period of time to ensure that the municipality’s expertise and infrastructure within hydrogen will result in a new industry in Glomfjord.

“We are particularly pleased to have our Northern Norwegian partners on board the project. If we are to succeed in the restructuring, we must gather all good forces in the region, no one can do this alone. We believe that Glomfjord Industrial Park, which until 1993 housed the world’s largest hydroanden factory, can become a spearhead and a centre of expertise for hydrogen in the north. We look forward to axing this jersey together with Troms Kraft,” says Mayor of Meløy, Sigurd Stormo.

About the partners:

Greenstat AS:
Norwegian Energy and TechnologyIndustry AP headquartered in Bergen. The company works on green projects at several locations in Norway, and also has an international focus. The main focus is in green hydrogen production, but the company is also working on local energy production and other initiativeswithin the renewable value chain. Owns 38.4 per cent of the shares.

Subsidiary of NEL ASA, a Norwegian global company based in Oslo, offering solutions for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

Konsern sjef Jon André Løkke is chairman of glomfjord hydrogen. Owns 23.18 per cent of the shares.

Meløy Energi AS:
Power producer and supplier in Sør-Salten, and based at Glomfjord, 140 kilometres south of Bodø. The company is divided into grid companies and power companies, and is whoa owned by Meløy municipality. Owns 23.18 per cent of the shares.

Tromsø Kraft AS:
Fully integrated energy group owned by Troms Kraft Holding (60%) and Tromsø municipality (40%). Produces around 1.1 TWh of renewable power annually and is the main owner in the region’s largest gridseal on Arva. In addition, wholly owned Ishavskraft, which is among the country’s five largest electricity sales companies, is part of the Troms Kraft Group. Troms Kraft has also established a focus on onshore power in the company Fjuel, in partnership with Tromsø Havn.


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