Angststrom Advanced: 2.5MW Containerized Hydrogen Electrolyzer Contributes to the Popularization of “Green Hydrogen”

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“Green hydrogen”, which utilizes renewable energy and electrolyzer to produce hydrogen, eliminates carbon emissions from the source and makes hydrogen the truly clean energy. It is becoming the focus of the industry as an emerging field to achieve climate goals. “Green hydrogen” has several advantages over traditional hydrogen production methods: 

  • The raw materials are “green”, whether it is water or other renewable energy used to generate electricity, are environmentally friendly, and the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen will only generate hydrogen and oxygen, not greenhouse emission to cause environmental pollution; 
  • “Green hydrogen” can solve the problem of redundancy and intermittent renewable energy. 
  • The feedstock water used for hydrogen production is one of the most readily available resources in real life, so there is no need to consider the amount of feedstock. People in the industry generally believe that hydrogen as an important industrial feedstock and clean fuel will form a competitive pattern of the coming decades. and we have already seen the demand for green hydrogen is rapidly growing now. 

At present, the emergence of Angstrom’s 2.5MW Containerized single-stack Hydrogen Production System has contributed to the popularization of “green hydrogen”. This system adopts advanced water electrolysis hydrogen production patented technology, the total footprint only occupies 2 of 40ft containers (1 40ft and 2 20ft). and the system can be modularized to 10MW/100MW or larger module scales. 

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The successful development and production of the system is the result of the combination of the US leading both the technological progress and industrial development trend; it is also a breakthrough in promoting the development of the global hydrogen energy industry.

Angstrom Advanced Inc.

Angstrom Advanced Inc.,founded in 2007 at Boston USA, has been bringing forth the latest advancements in all fields of technology and hasrecently added the clean sector to its industry. Angstrom was founded by a group of engineers that realized the importance to research and development for the better of mankind. In recent news, clean energy has become the main topic of discussion. With our research starting with ellipsometers and the field of coated layers on PV cells, Angstrom decided to take it a step further and bring to you a new line of leading clean energy products.

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